Employee Health Record

Health Management is something we do with our people, not to them!

Managing the health records of all your employees, contractors and volunteers has become a critical aspect of employee engagement, recruitment and retention. 

From pre-employment, periodic and fit for emergency medicals, vaccinations, allergies and medication management is now a foundational aspect of employee health management.

Doing so in a secure, encrypted and ISO Compliant database within your location to maintain data sovereignty is a must have. 

Employee Health Records Overview Dashboard

Every employee, contractor and volunteer have their own encrypted and secure Electronic Health Record (EHR) with all of their historical and current health data.

Secure, Encrypted and Compliant Databases, built and maintained in Australia.

Meeting all of your security and data privacy concerns. Completely customizable to look and feel like yours.

Satellite "Healthy ME" applications to encourage employee participation and engagement. Email and SMS Capabilities deployable