Incident Management Application

Our Incident Management Application is designed to interact with your existing CAD or CIS incident system.

Key Features

Import incident details, critical information, dates, times, resources and scene times.

Allocates attending personnel against vehicles and assets on scene.

Key word search functionality that allows users to control incident types and data imports. Identifying those incidents that need immediate attention

Charting is "out of the box" with Word export functionality. Obtain granularity in all your incidents, attendees and mental health interventions.

Easy to use dashboards with clean views and interactive charts. Action interventions, follow-ups and referrals at your fingertips.

Identifies individuals who are awaiting PEER, Pastoral Care, Wellbeing and/or Psychological Interventions.

Manually create Critical Incidents when required and merge with your CAD report when it becomes available

Import incident information including descriptions and all resource information, including personnel, vehicles, other EMS services and witnesses.

Individual TRAUMA TRACKER used to track and record the attendances at incidents including types, scene time and wellbeing contacts. Any Psychometric tests or assessments can be built in and displayed for each individual attendee.

Trauma Tracker Dashboard