Pastoral Care Application

“non nobis solum nati sumus” – Marcus Tullius Cicero (Not for ourselves alone)

Why Pastoral Care?

Our application is designed for non-denominational emotional, social and spiritual support for Emergency Services employees, volunteers and family members. Pastoral Care providers use a simple, easy to use application, available on any devise at and time. Whether attending to personal issues, work or incident related events, all data is captured and reportable at a de-identified or anonymized level. 

The Pastoral Care Application is designed in partnership with industry experts. Our application can be used by Pastoral Care providers to support employees and the wider community and record activities on either a named or anonymous basis. Easy to use, mobile phone based, this application supplies de-identified data, live, in the ESHP. 

It is essential that we monitor, support and improve the mental health of those who are put in these vital positions within society. The focus on physical health should not drown out the importance of mental health within this pandemic, as they have an equal part to play in ensuring the overall wellbeing and safety of our community.