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The Emergency Services Health Portal (ESHP) has been designed, built, tested and released specifically for the mental and physical health management needs of Emergency Services Organisations. Since 2014, we have been working with a number of EMS Organisations in Australia and have bought this database into production to meet your needs.

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ESHP utilise secure, encrypted, autonomous Oracle Cloud databases that will meet all of your health needs, out of the box. All our solutions are based in Australia and no data is stored overseas.

Our system is completely tailorable, configurable and easy to use. Each application within the EMHP acts as a satellite to the main system, affording your PEER, Pastoral Care, EAP, Wellbeing and Internal Psychologists access to a tailored made application, accessible by any devise at any time.

Live reporting will afford you an out of the box collaborative reporting component not seen previously in the Emergency Management health space.

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Incident Management

Peer Support

Employee Health Record

Wellbeing Overview

Pastoral Care

Employment Medical

Data & Analytics

Corporate Wellbeing

Booking Programs

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External Psychology